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Higher State of Mind

Everyone living in this beautiful universal cosmos is born with a unique gift, that one spark of electricity that touches their close ones and inspires them to live...yours happens to be your higher state of mind.

It drives as well as calculates your every elevated motion while lacing up your hiking boots and quietly taking inventory in your mind. The fog and designs Jack Frost left on the early morning cabin windows let's you know that cool crisp blankets of air are ready to greet you, the smile that follows this thought becomes your emotion, your energy, and your peace that carries you to the peak.

With sun just starting to show his face, there's still time for one more  satchel check. We understand the concept of time is bendable so this is never a forced or rushed process. An eighth of your most vibrant flower tucked securely away nestled closely to the mineral water, beef sticks, and homemade granola mix you skillfully roasted the night before. Ropes, pullys, compass, emergency kit. After dotting all the i's and crossing every t, throwing on your stonerdays higher state of mind tee AND hoodie is effortless, second nature even.

Stepping out of your doin and into first nature, breathing has never felt so envigorating and you know today is a day meant for pushing past limitation, setting aside meaningless doubts and fears, but setting goals reaching them, and also surpassing them! Neurons firing in every direction, muscles working in unison with your entire being to conquer the rugged terrain that lies ahead. As you were centering the inner being inside yourself that is your higher state of mind; the world continued to rotate and now it's most definitely the hour to re-fuel and re-elevate.

High and smiling eyes look down to reveal a tremendous Boulder chanting directly to your essence so you set up shop, and the rest is history only way more futuristic. Sitting atop a mountain comfortable in your custom stonerdays gear down to the socks while inhaling gusts of a pure Earth's wind alongside a blunt is bliss. A rare feeling that you've always treasured and will always have the pleasure to re-visit... Because you embody a Higher State of Mind.